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The skiing in Illinois follows the geography and the population centers. Chicago has the people, the money, the hills, and the weather to support a decent culture and community of skiers. And while more avid skiers may try to visit out-of-state ski resorts every once in a while, there’s also plenty of convenient and thrilling skiing closer to home.

Diversity and Quality in Illinois

Illinois isn’t known for its world-class ski slopes, but the truth is that compared to the common wisdom, the state has a lot to offer. But knowing what you’re trying to get out of the experience is critical to the success of your trip. Are you taking your family on the ski trip? Do you have anyone in your group that has never gone skiing before? Illinois has family oriented resorts such as Ski Snowstar and Villa Olivia, which has a lot of bunny runs for individuals who have never skied before. Trying to get the most out of your time in a short window. Four Lakes is known for easy slope access, as well as both day and nighttime skiing. Or for more thrilling, competitive terrain, we recommend Chestnut Mountain Resort.

All of these resorts are located near the Chicagoland area in northern Illinois, and yet, a lot of skiing in Illinois is about embracing an opportunity to get away from the city. It is a chance to enjoy some fresh air and spend some time playing in the snow. It’s not uncommon for the local skier to find the in-state resort that best fits their personal tastes and buy a season pass. The rest of the ski budget then goes into gear and/or an out-of-state ski-cation.

But regardless of which ski resort you end up spending most of your time, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful skiing experience with your family and friends without having to leave the state.

The Best Part of Skiing in Illinois

Again, a lot of locals will tell you that the best part about skiing in Illinois is simply a great excuse to get away from the concrete jungle of Chicagoland. But we have a slightly different answer: You won’t have to plan a year ahead or side aside large chunks of multiple paychecks just to visit the slopes. Overall, Illinois is one of the more affordable states for skiing in the country. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan ahead at all. By booking your reservations right here online, you can save even more.

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